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Finishing Products – Oil Based

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Oil-based finishing stains are the most familiar to many people. They are dyes and pigments in an oil-based medium. They must be kept stirred to get an even effect from the beginning to the end of a project. They rely on the porosity of the wood to show light and dark areas.

Polyurethane is an oil-based finish, generally considered waterproof, and resists mustard, ketchup, gravy etc. (ACETONE, known as fingernail polish remover, WILL damage the finish!)

You will lightly sand between each coat, giving the surface a “bite” for the next coat to adhere to. Oil-based finishes appear amber colored in the can, and will add that tone or richness to the stain.

Polyurethane gels are also oil-based and can give the most even tone over many different woods and surfaces…often used to “re-do” cabinets and vanities.

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