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Square Table



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Square Table

Build Your Own Leg Table – Parawood table and base

Choose your Top – Square, Rectangle or Butterfly leaf table – 30″w thru 42″w  and 30″l thru 48″l

Choose your Legs – Turned or Shaker legs – set of 4 or 6 legs – 30″h thru 42″h

Available unfinished, finished, or custom finished.

Size Item Number  
30"w x 30"l WW-T-3030T
36"w X 36"l WW-T-3636T
42"w x 42"l WWT-T-4242T
30"w 42"l WW-T-3042T
30"w x 48"l WW-T-3048T
32"w x 48"l WW-T3248XBT
36"w x 36"l WW-T3636XBT
30'h WW-T- 300T
36"h WW-T-336T
42"h WW-T-342T
30"h WW-T-30S
36"h WW-T-36S
42"h WW-T- 42S
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