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Why Buy Real Wood Unfinished

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Unfinished Furniture is Real Wood Furniture – No Particle Board!

Wood … Real Wood? What’s the Difference?!

Solid wood, all natural wood … when speaking in terms of furniture, they have one thing in common. Everything is manufactured from wood or and/or plywood, but particle board, (a board of bonded wood chips), is often used for the construction of unexposed backs of case pieces and for drawer bottoms.

We guarantee absolutely no particle board in the manufacturing of our products. What does this mean to you, the consumer? Bottom line: QUALITY. It promises more solidly-constructed pieces of furniture. It’s that simple.

Ever wonder why your grandparents’ furniture was passed down from generation to generation … and why your furniture may only hold up about a decade? Bottom line: LACK of quality.

We are commitment to quality craftsmanship. We know that the integrity of a furniture piece’s design will be upheld for the long haul, if real wood is used throughout. Furniture craftsmanship is rooted in our past, manufactured for the present, and destined for our future.

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